Please help me find this 08P headband! :)

  1. Hi ladies! I am in love with this headband (pics courtesy of calisnoopy - looks fab on you girl)! :heart:

    Just in case it isn't clear, the style number, etc. is the following:

    08P A38039Y94461


    Price is $195. :smile:

    I bought two gorgeous clips, but I need this headband (I love headbands, and a Chanel one is too perfect). :smile: Unfortunately, it's hard to locate! :crybaby:I think Nordstrom ordered it, and Chanel boutiques did as well. If you've seen one, or your SA can locate one, I would really appreciate his/her contact info! :heart: Thank you so much! :flowers: :love:

  2. I hope u find her's really pretty! Saw a few pfers having it...unfortunately i don't look gd in headband...sigh!
  3. I think they have some at Saks BH. Not sure... you should try calling them
  4. Aww, thanks Celia!! :love: I'm sending red flap vibes your way too hehe! :nuts: :heart: I'm sure you'd look great in it! :smile:

    Ohhh, thanks tarabag! :heart: I'll call them tomorrow (crossing my fingers)!! :girlsigh:
  5. Call Chanel/SCP 714-754-7455 whoever answer the phone give them the item # and they will be able to locate one for you, or you can also ask for SA Marie Scott. G/L!
  6. ^^minal--was gail not able to locate one for you at Saks BH???

    lemme know if you need me to ask her for ya...
  7. N, thank you for the tip! :love: I spoke with someone at Saks BH, but they are really terrible with following up :rolleyes:... I will have to call her tomorrow to see what happened (she had to do a search with the style number I gave her). :smile:

    Cory - I spoke with Gail, and she did a search but then I never heard from her haha. :p I spoke with another SA there today, and it was the same thing (although she took my cc info and said she would call me back). :shrugs: I will follow up tomorrow and see what the deal is! :smile: Cross your fingers for me hehe. :nuts:
  8. I got mine today from Chanel 57th NYC.
  9. try the Chanel hotline. 800 550 0005. They will get back to you in 24-48 hours
  10. Minal, call Nordstrom in Seattle. There's a waiting list, but they are getting 16 black and 16 white (I think) in any day now.