Please Help Me Find These!!

    ^ a link to pics of the chanel boots im looking for.

    in a 36. if anyone sees them on sale anywhere, especially at Saks (where they are cheapest), PLEEEEEEEASE LET ME KNOW!!! this size is sold out almost everywhere ive been told.

    thank you!!!
  2. Didn't these boots just go on sale? I know I saw them at the Chanel boutique at Tysons Corner about a month ago. You could try and give them a call. Good luck!
  3. they did, but they cant find my size. tyson's only has 36.5 last i checked. thanks for your help though!!
  4. I saw lot of these at Bellagio, Las Vegas but I don't know if they have 36 or not. I wear much bigger size, so I usually skip small sizes. Call them up and ask.

  5. you're amazing thanks so much!!! wish me luck