Please help me find these shoes

  1. Hello everyone. I was searching for the Christian Louboutin Declic in Suede Electric Blue color and I was wondering if anyone knew if they are still available? Thanks.
  2. I've seen a few on eBay. If you post in the Christian Louboutin sub-forum, there are a lot of ladies that will be able to tell you more than I can, like if they're still available in stores, what stores to call, etc.
  3. Fembot - which heel height are you looking for? I know that Barneys still has a few pairs in the 100mm heel, try calling Barneys NY because that is where I have last seen them. But if NYC doesn't have them, they can search the inventory of their other locations.
    If you are looking for the 130mm blue suede declics, I *believe* that only the CL boutiqes carried them. Try calling the Horatio St location to see if there are any sizes left because I know that they went quickly.
    Good luck and keep us posted, those shoes are amazing!
  4. Thank you ladies for your quick answers. I will call Barneys. I tried the boutiques but they didn't have my size. Wish me luck.