PLEASE help me find these flats!!!

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  1. does anyone know where these flats are from? they're so cute!!!


    these peep toe ones are even CUTER!! not a fan of VH but i def :heart: the shoes:girlsigh:

  2. Don't know who they are but I think the 2nd pair are heels
  3. The second pair is difficult to tell without a side view, though they look like Jeffrey Campbell python peep toe heels:


    They're $80.00 at
  4. The first pair might be L'Autre Chose python skimmers, $395.00 at Barneys:


    It's difficult to say for sure though.
  5. mooks- i think the 2nd pair are heels too.

    iris- THANKS!! the L'Autre ones are the closest one i've seen to the one VH has on are black bottoms and pointy in the front. i acutally like the L'Autre flats but i can't really justify the price :sad: i remember seeing something similar at Urban Outfitters awhile back but it doesn't seem like they have it anymore.
  6. ah I love those skimmers, they look comfy
  7. They look like the MK python flats they had at Nordies or Saks