Please help me find these boots!

  1. :crybaby: TWICE now on eBay I've missed getting these boots due to the seller ending them item early! I want them so badly! Has anyone seen them anywhere? If anyone has a style number and price, that would be much appreciated as well! I'm a 37.5 or 38. They do not have to be brand new. TIA everyone!
    Chanel Boots 1.JPG chanel boots 2.JPG
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    Hoping someone who can help me will see this. Anyone know of a magic SA who can use their powers to find these?
  3. *Bump* again... Someone please end my misery! :cry:
  4. Oh! I did manage to find a number for these boots: 06A G25234Y04210. Chanel 800 said all the boutiques were sold out, except for 1 size 36 somewhere.