please help me find the right shoulder bag....

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  1. Ladies,
    I am coming out of the cave where I constantly lurk Hermes subforum from to ask for your opinions. I am torn between a trim and a lindy..... would like opnions on which one to get....

    A little background about me. I love shoulder bag because it gives 2 free hands to carry other stuff. I like big bags but not too big since I am only 5'4".

    I need to fit the following in a bag: medium size wallet, glasses case, key pouch, coin pouch, medicine pouch, cell, hand lotion, gum, small umbrella.... and maybe.... a small nalgene bottle.

    which bag and size you ladies think work best for me?

  2. Is price a factor?

    A Trim is significantly cheaper than a Lindy. Depending on where you are, a Lindy might be harder to locate.

    The Trim comes with or without a gusset. Both styles have mutliple size options. The Trim come is 31, 35 and 37 cm. The lindy comes in 30 cm and 34 cm.

    Both are great bags and should be able to hold whatever you carry. It will be interesting to see if the Lindy becomes a classic like the Trim is.
  3. by significant, how much more is it exactly? i thought lindy is about 1k more than trim? is it true?

    I am thinking about trim 35 vs. lindy 30.....
  4. MeLP, I am also 5'4" and am not a big fan of large bags. I own both a 31 Trim (with the gusset) and a 30 Lindy. While I enjoy both, I would definitely give up my Trim before my Lindy. While I haven't tested it out, my sense is that you can get more in the 30 Lindy than the 31 Trim.

    The Trim is only lined in suede, while the Lindy (at least my swift Lindy) is lined in swift leather, which I think is a large part of the price difference, but others may be able to tell you more about that. You are right about it being about a $1,000 difference between the two (I can't remember exact prices for each of mine; sorry). The outside and inside pockets really add so much ease and practicality to the Lindy, as well as the ability to use it as either a hand bag or shoulder bag. Plus it has those protective feet on the bottom.

    Either way, you will love your bag!
  5. I'm a Trim lover.
  6. Maggie,
    Between 31 trim and 30 lindy, which one fits more stuff?
    Also, do you know how the 35 trim compared to 30 lindy?

  7. Are you able to try both bags on before you have to make a decision?
  8. Rose, i havent tried both of them on..... since there is no boutique near by....
    However, I had a gucci bouvier a while back that kinda looks like a trim. And I liked it a lot..... thats why I think I will like the trim.
    But the lindy seems to be wider hence will be able to fit more stuff?
  9. I think both bags could work for you, but I'm partial to the Lindy. It looks so different plus its a new style. You could probably find one in a size that suits you. I had the pleasure of trying on blue jean and rose dragee Lindys and found them comfortable to carry although I didn't care too much for the closure. Good luck!
  10. I just got a Lindy...and I like the fact that it is versitile. Both, hand carried or shoulder. It can carry as much as my 30cm... which is enough for me. Any bigger and I tend to overstuff my bags. I have a large bouvier bag as well, it isn't my favorite...because I think it's harder to see whats in the bag. Just my personal opinion.
  11. i prefer the lindy for your needs (im biased for one:P) its more functional and the style is uncommon. trim looks like something classic gucci hobo.
  12. what size of lindy did you get?
  13. A SA who's about 5'4" modelled both Lindy 30 and 34 for me, and I'd say that the 30 suits her better. The 34 is just a tad overwhelming when she shoulder-carried it.

    My vote would go to the Lindy 30, just love how it can be shoulder and hand carried, plus it can loaded up if and when necessary. Lovely!!