Please help me find the perfect work bag!

  1. I might be starting the whole interview/job search process soon, and while a purse is not a make it or break it thing, it would help me have more confidence!

    What am I looking for:

    - Something polished, classic, no garish hardware.
    - Projects confidence!
    - It has to go well with professional attire from suits to blouses to casual friday wear, needs to be versatile.
    - I love good quality leather, hate nylon
    - My budget is around $400 - I don't mind pre-owned.

    Thank you :smile:
  2. how about a black LV Alma or Passy...
    They are over budget new but maybe u could get a good deal on eBay?
  3. or a lockit
  4. What about this Cole Haan? It meets your criteria, the leather is absolutely divine and it retails for $375!

  5. Ok, the only advice I can give you is take the stuff you would normally have with you going to work every day when you are looking at bags. Make sure you can fit everything in: phone, organiser, iPod, keys, A4 documents, lunch

    Lots of SAs try to encourage people to buy big black totes saying: You'll be able to fit so much stuff in, it'll be perfect for work.

    Fact is, they usually don't fit enough in. You almost always need something quite a bit bigger than you think at first.

    Good luck with your search, keep us posted!:tup:
  6. I completely agree -- for interviewing, you'll want to bring non-folded copies of your resume, a notepad, and a small bottle of water in addition to your usual stuff. How about this Cole Haan for $399? Black is safer for interviews, but if you work in the right (not too conservative) industry, you might consider the gorgeous gunmetal version.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Banana Republic has a nice work tote, $248.

  8. I have this MJ tote (got on sale) - there was one on eBay for like 300 something which I believe authentic. Pic is from Saks. Great work tote:smile:

  9. I have to second the Gryson Heidi. I wish I'd bought mine for $199!!!

    But it's a great bag. There is a bit of hardware, but it isn't garish and you can easily carry it so the hardware faces in.
  10. You can also take the ID tags off of your Gryson as well which makes things lighter.
  11. How about Anna Corrinna Jet Setter Jr.? It's is professional looking and yet not dowdy.
    I am in love with this bag!