Please help me find the perfect wedge!

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  1. Hey ladies! I have a wedding to attend in May... and am also traveling to Hawaii this coming December. I'd like a pair of pink (patterned) sandal wedge shoes that can double for the wedding as well as for a nice dinner in Hawaii! I REALLY like the Emilio Pucci style shoe...


    If I could even find that EXACT shoe, that would be PERFECT! --But, I think it's been discontinued :tdown: There's a current Emilio Pucci wedge out... that I'm not very fond of.

    Any suggestions would be WONDERFUL!
  2. I like that shoe!!!! It is very colorful and pretty!!! I would stick with that! But if you would like more choices, I would go to like DSW or your local mall! But if u r going 2 Hawaii, you can always just get a pretty flip flop and a seperate shoe!!!
  3. Unfortunately I can't FIND that shoe. I think it's discontinued :sad: