Please Help Me Find The Mj Bag Of My Dreams!

  1. Hello Ladies, I am new to this site but i hope it can be of help! I am a :heart: Marc Jacobs FANATIC :heart: and i am currently looking for the bag that will help me sleep better at night :smile:

    The Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo - In any RED color -
    I am looking for the quilted version, not the patchwork.

    If someone could please give me insight on where to buy it i'd truely be SO thankful.

    Also, does anyone know, is the inside of this bag Red Suede?
    Does the closer have MJ on the two clasps? I think i found one but im not sure to its authenticy...

  2. as far as i know, the hobo stam never came in red. the closest color would be chestnut and i would say that color is more brown than it is red.

    as thithi said in the other thread, the original stam came in bordeaux and berry. the bordeaux is no longer available and i have yet to see an authentic one listed on eBay. there are many fakes of the fall 05 stams. berry is very nice. you should take a look at that color. i think you might like it if you have your heart set on a red colored stam.