Please help me find some shoes!

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  1. Heya Ladies (and Gents).

    I just bought this online from Nordies (in black - haven't received it yet) and was wondering what shoes would suit it.


    Would these Gucci shoes look weird? Any suggestions?


    Thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. BTW - I'm 5'10"
  3. Dang, this should be in shoes....
  4. I would pick shoes in a punchier color, like red or coral or maybe a metallic. The dress is simple so you're able to do something more dramatic with the shoes and jewelry.
  5. I'd go for a wow factor on the shoes too- red would be stunning, but I'd opt for metallic, maybe matte silver!
  6. Those guccis wouldn't be bad. But I think for this dress you can go a little more wild with shoes like a rhinestone metallic sandal.
  7. With such a classic plain dress you could really go to town. These came to mind straight away.
    hanoi.jpg miumiu.jpg megan.jpg KENNEDY.jpg Hyde Park.jpg