Please help me find....Small black betty

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  1. Hi,

    Has anyone seen a small black betty anywhere?

    I can only seem to find large bettys.

    Thanks so much!!:smile:
  2. i'm dying for a small betty too but i haven't seen any on the net and i can't find one anywhere in town...
  3. Try Nordstrom's Tyson's Corner - I believe someone just posted that there were a bunch of new (returned) bettys in small sizes. Probably best to call them. I don't have their number but maybe someone else has it.
  4. Nordstrom - Tyson's Corner - 703-761-1121
  5. I saw a small black patent betty at Bloomingdale's in SF two days ago, on sale. 30% off plus there was another presale for another 40% off I think.
  6. Try the Saks in Atlanta...I talked to Audrey on ednesday and she helped me find one that came to 664 after tax and shipping