Please help me find: Pink Large Reporter!

There is a pink one on ebay now.... do not know if its large or small.

OK, everyone. Here I go again with another "help me!" post! :P I am looking to buy a pink reporter, and probably go the pre-loved route (as finding a new one is pretty much impossible and it will help me save my funds for the sickeningly expensive diagonal tote I want :graucho:)

Anyway, basically I'm just looking for advice re: fair prices for the bag, and whether anyone has spied it at a second hand shop that they could point me to. There is one on ebay now for $2,400.00, but that seems quite steep considering it was deeply discounted a while back. And the shipping on this particular auction is pretty high as well.

So, if anyone has any input, it would be much appreciated! TIA (again!) everyone!


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
Thanks to everyone for their help! I found one on ebay a while back. Paid maybe too much for it considering its condition, but I sent it to Lovin My Bags for a makeover and will hopefully be getting an email any day now saying she's all ready!


Feb 23, 2007
N. Calif
bulletproofsoul, congrats on winning your Reporter! Can't wait to see some modeling pics after it comes back from the makeover.:yes: