Please help me find: Pink Large Reporter!

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  1. OK, everyone. Here I go again with another "help me!" post! :P I am looking to buy a pink reporter, and probably go the pre-loved route (as finding a new one is pretty much impossible and it will help me save my funds for the sickeningly expensive diagonal tote I want :graucho:)

    Anyway, basically I'm just looking for advice re: fair prices for the bag, and whether anyone has spied it at a second hand shop that they could point me to. There is one on ebay now for $2,400.00, but that seems quite steep considering it was deeply discounted a while back. And the shipping on this particular auction is pretty high as well.

    So, if anyone has any input, it would be much appreciated! TIA (again!) everyone!
  2. That is probably going to be a pretty hard bag to find. I know CHANEL Mall of America had the brown reporter on sale, but that's it. I'll keep my eye out. There is a consignment store here (in San Francisco) called Cris and they sometimes have some really nice designer stuff. You may try giving them a call. That is one place I can suggest that is reputable.
  3. Thank you ItsMyWorld! You wouldn't happen to know what a fair price would be for one now, would you?
  4. I also saw a black reporter here in Hong Kong Boutique
  5. Yes, I see black everywhere. :sad: If anyone spies a pink, other than ebay, please let me know! :crybaby:
  6. The one on sale was the small reporter tote and it was going for something like $1750 or so if Im not mistaken. I don't know if that's anything to go on, but I hope it helps. Good luck to you!

  7. Thank you! That helps out a lot, since I'm looking for the large. It makes it easier for me to gauge a fair price. Thanks a bunch!
  8. if you post that again, we'll have to ban you.
    please re-read our rules before posting anymore.

  9. For the safety of everyone, buying, selling and trading between members is not allowed on the forum. If you want to list it on ebay, I am always checking, but you cannot post auction links that are your own here either.
  10. Which stores are the reporters on sales? Is it the black on black or a different combo?

  11. I think late last year Chanel put the seasonal color reporters on sale, so nothing right now. :nogood:
  12. Atually, the Mall of America Nordstrom CHANEL had the small brown cambon reporter. I don't know if they still have it though...
  13. Ask CHANELboy, I think he mentioned about the brown reporter on sale on the SALE thread. :yes: