please help me find!!! *PINK* caviar jumbo flap

  1. hi ladies~!!!

    i just got off phone with Chanel....and the answer was the same as when i was there last week ----:crybaby:

    so i called Saks and the girl on the phone was so rude and told me there was nobody at Chanel section and hang up on me!!!!!:cursing:
    she didn't give me a chance to ask her my SA was there today....!! biaaa**h~~ lol:roflmfao:

    so anyway, i was gonna call information and get NM#, but it's 6pm on Sunday here and i know they close early.....

    i've been looking and looking on eBay but i only saw a few smaller sizes....

    *IF* you ladies see one or know where i can find....please do let me know!!! thank you so very much for your help!!! :p:heart::heart:
  2. I think that the only size available at NM now is the Med. I've been looking for several weeks for the Jumbo also. Other PFers have been too. I was told that maybe in the spring they would have pink again.
  3. ^^^ thank you so much for the info Kathy!!!!!