Please help me find my wife a tote.

  1. Hello all,

    My carefree college girl has become a bonified professional woman and she needs a professional tote dealy. She won't spend money on herself so it's up to me to go nuts on it for her. I've been looking on eBay for the last hour and have no idea what's stylish or not but I've pasted a few links to ones that look all right. Please help me. She needs a nice stylish tote bag preferably one that will go with most anything, if that's even possible. We don't have a strict budget but she might leave me if I spent more than $350. But I'm willing to risk it if I'm sure it'd knock her socks off. The only thing designer that she has is a little Coach wrist purse so I'd really like to get her something nice and trendy that reflects her professionalism, class, and beauty. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are the ones I found on eBay. Are any of them any good?:

    Purse 1
    Purse 2
    Purse 3
    Purse 4
    Purse 5

  2. Hi Dumbguy.....Very nice of you to buy your girlfriend a bag!!! Of the ones you posted, I like the 2nd and 3rd....but I don't know much about Coach, and cannot say if those are authentic. Big problem on Ebay is finding a 100% authentic bag that actually is!! Does she wear mnore black or brown???? I will look around and see if there is anything else I can find pics of that you may like..... :smile:
  3. [​IMG]I think this is cute!! It is at Active Endeavors | Shopping and was $425 now on sale for $325, and with the code "toutie", I believe you can get another 20% off. Big enough to put work stuff in also, I think!! Also, I recommend you go to Toutie! Chloe, Siwy, Isabella Fiore and browse there for a shop....all of them offer a discount if you go through Toutie.
  4. Thanks. I liked those two best as well. I'd say that she wears more black. Does the bag have to be the same color? Thanks for looking for me. I'll check out that site.
  5. [​IMG]

    my vote goes to this one :smile:
  6. oh i found this one [​IMG]

    my old aptmate has this one. she started working at a lawfirm and she says its perfect for her :smile:

    Item number: 250040429723[​IMG]
  7. My vote goes for purse 5 - It looks very professional and stylish (but I can't say if its authentic or not). Your wife is very lucky to have you :smile:!
  8. Thanks for all the responses. I would still greatly appreciate any more input. I'm pretty ignorant about purses and bags. Also, the "authentic" comments are pretty off-putting. Is there a big problem with fake bags on eBay? Is there any way to tell or maybe a website that shows examples of fakes? I really don't want to pay $300 and end up making her a walking target for fake-hunters.

    Thanks a lot!
  9. Welcome to the forum!

    My advice to you would be to find the bag or bags you love for her. Then, if it is Coach per the bag (link to where you are purchasing from) in that subforum "authenticate this" thread. Many members who favor that brand can help you with the specifics. They will be like specialists in the brand.
    They will tell you if it looks real, possibly if the seller is a good one, questions to ask the seller etc. That way you can get the best help this forum can do!

    I think I expressed myself pretty well...hope you understand me.

    You are really a lovely man to do this for her!
  10. Welcome!

    I'll move this thread to Handbags Forum where it'll get better responses.
    This Newcomer's Lounge is more for introductions and such.
    Bets of luck!
  11. how about the coach outlets? where do you live? you shoudl be able to get something nice for that amount and be sure it's authentic, if you want coach, but i like the other bags too and i just bought a bag on active endeavors for a great price!!!
  12. Welcome to tPF. What a sweet boyfriend you are!! I would take the advice above, fakes are rather common on Ebay, very scary. Have a look at the sales sections of , ,, , and
  13. 10384_B4BK_d2.jpg
  14. Sorry. Thanks for the move. And thanks for the tip on authenticating but I can't get that forum to work. Maybe I don't have clearance since I'm new. Are there any other resources out there? It's kinda got me worried.