Please help me find my next bag...

  1. Thanks to all you lovely ladies, I purchased my first Kelly this year and I am absolutely delighted with it. I am hoping to get my first Birkin next year. However, in the meantime, I have realised that I don't have a suitable bag for my Mac (15 inch). I need something that can be zipped on the top. I would appreciate any suggestions:heart:
  2. hum,.. a birkin 35cm!!!
  3. That would be a dream..... however, I am still trying to convice my SA that I am 'worthy' and it may be a while before I am allowed to buy a Birkin. Need something a bit sooner for my Mac. I was also hoping to start my Birkin collection with a 30 cm.
  4. Go to the 3rd floor of NYC and inquire into the Herline totes they have up there. There's also the Buenaventura and Acapulco totes on the first.
  5. Thank you! Do you know if there are any pics here of the latter two, I have not seen them before?:flowers:
  6. Does it have to zip, because I LOOOOOVE the whitebus tote! So chic!
  7. So do I!! I am very open to being covinced that I don't need a zip top....:graucho:
  8. ^ Try the Whitebus, then!!! I think it's the perfect work/laptop bag
  9. .....going to get that Birkin now, first:yahoo:
  10. I only buy laptops that will fit in a 35 cm Birkin (once inside a padded manila envelope)...maybe you might reconsider the 30 cm and go for 35 cm?
  11. ......but then I won't have an excuse to buy a whitebus:graucho:
  12. Yes, this is a problem indeed...!
    If you can get a hold of a whitebus quickly, then you can justify its purchase as you needed it for your laptop... I do love the whitebus but it is sort of business-y looking...and as you are planning your first Birkin acquisition, I wonder if a 35 cm would be a more practical first Birkin if you think you might put your laptop in it. If your daily things would fit in a 30, or you are petite, just ignore me...
  13. Yes, I'm petite (5-1, 108lbs), so I think a 35 for 'everyday use' will be a bit too big for me. So, now that I have been given the 'green light' (rather unexpectedly) for a Birkin, I will have to put the Laptop bag to rest for a while.
  14. Yes, I saw the thread about the various ideas for your SO--what a wonderful opportunity. How about asking your SA what the options are for stitching? I am chevre with silver stitching and palladium (possibly brushed or guilloche)...with a bright colored lining...Whatever you decide, enjoy!
  15. Yes, I agree, I am now definately thinking black chevre. I really want to have a look at some bags with the contrast stitching and also guilloche h/w. Ahh, all the possibilites. I was not expecting this at all today so what a treat!