Please Help Me Find My Mia

  1. I am looking for this Marc Jacobs Mia bag:love: in nutmeg. Saks NYC has it, but in the green:sick: . If you have seen this bag in nutmeg, please tell me where.
  2. Nordstrom carries it. Here's the number for their "special" designer collections "hotline" :P 1.877.543.7463. They charge $12.95 for insured shipping and tax if there's a Nordy's in your state.

    The item number for the Nutmeg Mia is #C361022 and it costs $895. Go give them a call and get your bag!
  3. That bag is cute IRL!
  4. vERY CUTE!!! I LIKE IT!
  5. Thanks:biggrin:
  6. Here's the pic in Nutmeg. So cute! I wish it came in black...


    Sorry, I can't get it to post the front view! :lol:
  7. You're welcome! Hope you got it! If not, I saw it at the Nordstrom in Fashion Valley (San Diego). Their number is 619.295.4441. Ask for Joseph. He's really nice and should be able to help you out!
  8. Great bag!
  9. Its at NM.COM in black and nutmeg right now...I am starting to like this more than the TODS Benji bag.......EEEEWWWW.I cant make up my mind!!
  10. It's a cute bag--but it's kinda on the small side to me. It's smaller than the Blake. Maybe about the similar size of the "regular" multi-pocket hobo.
  11. Either color, I think that's one cool bag! Did you locate one yet?!
  12. It's so cute -tear-