Please help me find my dream bag :)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So I'm a college student and I'm looking for a big bag for my books and stuff. I'm currently using a Mulberry Bayswater that I adore but it's so freaking heavy that I feel like my arm is going to fall down everytime I carry it!

    I'm looking for something big enough to fit one or two books, notebooks, a folder, pencil case, makeup case, agenda, umbrella, camera, keys... this kind of stuff! And of course the bag must be LIGHTWEIGHT!

    I'm in love with the Balenciaga Work but I'm worried about the quality since I know that it's not always great (I used to have a City and it was fine but not as perfect as I expected) Do you think I should give Bal another chance?

    I know that many think that designer bags are not good for college but in my college it's more or less the norm and since I want to specialize in luxury brand management it's not really shocking! And I will pay the bag with my own money.

    My budget is £1000 (around $1500 I think)

    Please help me fellow TPFers!!!:smile:
  2. It's more than your budget, but I would recommend a Proenza Schouler PS1 in Large.
  3. I use a LV Neverfull GM for my school bag. It's super light weight and carries a ton. GL!
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestions!

    I was also thinking about getting a LV Neverfull but the fact that it doesn't close bothers me because since I live in London I'm often under the rain!

    I do like the PS1 but it reminds me too much of the Bayswater and I would like something a bit different...

    Catdance, thank you for the idea it's a really nice bag but a bit too "business" for me.

    I looove that bag:;color=1000

    But of course it's way over my budget so if you have any idea of something similar for up to £1000 it would be great!!

    Thanks again!
  5. Since you love Mulberry, have you considered a Roxanne Tote, either A4 or regular size? The leather is far lighter than the Bays, lighter still if you opt for the antique leather over the nvt. My nvt A4 is my go-to bag for days when I need to carry my world with me - even when full, it's nowhere near as heavy as the Bays gets. The Mulberry outlets still stock them I think, if a brand new one is what you're after, else you can pick them up on *bay fairly readily.
    Good luck!