please help me find medium silver cotton club tote

  1. please help! the chanel 1800 number says that they are out of stock in chanel boutiques... Neiman Marcus said that they didn't even order it. i will call Saks and bergdorf tomorrow to see if they have it.

    has anyone seen one lately? everyone i've called says they have the large($1995) but not the medium ($1595) tote!

  2. Oops, never mind...thought you were looking for the large one. Good luck! Hope you find it!
  3. umm..i think i can help u find one
    but is it okay if its from Chanel boutique in Canada?
  4. hi miraco! it was actually the picture of your tote in the reference library that started my lust for this bag.

    do you know if there are any customs fees involved and if they will overnight to the usa? also, what is the price in canadian dollars? is it equivalent to the us$ price?

  5. hi Azaelea!! I'm glad that my picture ...makes u want to have one! What I paid in Canada was $2100 CAD so i think if its US customer they might change the rate to US for u...but u have to pay the shipping fee to US of course! How about this! I wil call my SA tomororw and ask her if she can locate one! If so...I will tell u the info and cost ....
  6. ^ thank you so much! i've been calling around and i can't find it anywhere in the us! please let me know what your sa says.
  7. azaelea~~I'm so sorry...I couldnt find u one! My SA say its all soldout in Canada! But, I believe there are some black and Large one available but not in the color of silver...if u realli want a cotton club I guess u should get it now because its not a pernament line! I think I will be getting another cotton club in black recently!!
  8. aww too bad :sad: thanks for all your help miraco11! i really don't think i'll be able to find one unless they reorder it or something.

    enjoy your bag you lucky girl!
  9. do u want medium size more than the large size?? How about the bowling bag...I still believe there are some around!!
  10. no... just the medium. it's stolen my heart for some reason.
  11. Today, I just called Saks in Troy, Michigan to look for large version but they only have one medium size in stock! Good Luck