Please help me find HEART Key Chain Charm, please

  1. I'm looking for one. Please let me know if you find her anywhere. Thank you very much. :love:
  2. Hi luvpurse, a member from this forum said she saw a Heart key chain at Palm Beach on Friday. Give them a call (561 655 6655) and see if the still have it.

    Good Luck!
  3. Yes, it was Sus who posted in the "what have you seen & where" thread. Good luck, luvpurse! :smile:
  4. Thank you, Choco & Gigi. Yes, I saw Sus' post and called them. They said they only have Apple which is quite similar to Heart. They said they didn't have Heart for a while.... :crybaby:

    Thank you thank you....
  5. :smile: That sounds like a nice cadena too!
  6. Called Washington DC SA and they did not have any.
    When I got mine my SA was able to check which stores in the country had them and contacted them. Maybe you could try this if you have a helpful SA.
  7. She is looking for the leather one, by the way!!