Please help me find DARK SILVER REISSUE SIZE 225...

  1. I'm searching for a dark silver reissue size 225; I've already put myself on the waitlist for size 226, but I still prefer the 225.

    If anyone has any leads on this bag or has seen it, pleaseee tell me! :heart::heart::heart:

    (or if they have any SAs who are great and wouldn't mind tracking down an almost "impossible-to-find" bag)
  2. I wouldn't mind a 226 actually, especially if I could find it at the pre-increased price!!!
  3. Hi,

    Joseph, an SA at the Saks in New York got one for me about three weeks ago. He was great to work with, found it at another store the same day I asked, and had it shipped to me. I was charged a $13 shipping fee but I didn't have to pay tax! The bag was $1995. His # is (917) 776-9353. Good luck!

    BTW, the bag is gorgeous!

  4. ooh thanks Annie. Did he say anything about the 226?
  5. evychew, i think we both are looking for dark silver reissue. I already tried Joseph at Saks, and he said none are available both in 225 and 226. :s
    good luck on finding one. If you happen to find two,which is almost impossible, please let me know :cutesy: