Please help me find a WARM winter coat! (to Goose or not to Goose?)


May 15, 2010
Winter is here in Canada and on some days, it gets fairly cold (sometimes -20 Celcius). I know Canada Goose jackets are very warm (I just sold my '08 CG Chilliwack to help fund a new jacket- so I've had it for about 3 winters now)

I really like the Canada Goose Trillium and Kensington, but I am told there are better jackets out there, and I don't need to dish out $700+ just for the logo. Also, I think it's a little silly to sell one CG jacket just to buy another one.

Any suggestions on jackets that would look similar to the ones I mentioned, and would also keep me warm? Your help is much appreciated :smile:




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Oct 19, 2007
It will probably be more difficult to find a jacket now (as most stores are already starting to get in their spring lines). I would recommend checking out Mountain Equipment Coop. Super warm jackets with a great warranty.


May 21, 2010
SHould have started looking in August/September for the size and colour you want as i got my Canada Goose in August.

Either one will do well for you, so its not an issue about warmth. If i was to get anything non Canada Goose, i think id be going for a Mackage. If you can find a stockist that has both, and in your size, try them on as both are slightly different, the Kensington is more for arround town needs/wearing it to and from work, the Kensington is more general purpose.

Heres something i just found on Youtube about the Kensington:

Good video, and i think the Kensington is the better option as you can wear normal clothes under it for work and still be smart looking.


Feb 4, 2006
I have a Kensington and I highly recommend it. I've had it for 3 winters now and it still looks good. Definitely a versatile style, looks equally amazing with my jeans/Uggs or dressed up with black OTK boots. Before this jacket, I wore a North Face Metropolis jacket which I still have (it's about 6 years old now) and that jacket is also very warm. It's a more casual style but a lot lighter than the Kensington. The Kensington is a slightly heavy jacket. I would definitely pick the Kensington over the Trillium. I agree with the other posters in regards to buying it early ... most Canadian Goose jackets would have already been bought and picked over, so the selection won't be so great right now. GL with your decision, can't wait to see what you get!


Oct 5, 2007
Westchester, NY
North Face has kept me warm for the past 7 years. Same coat too! The long full body puffer. I can wear it with just a tank top underneath and still be warm and toasty.