please help me find a wallet for my dad

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  1. hi all....
    i want to get my dad a wallet coz he recently lost his. this wallet has to be able to fit a lot of things. my dad is not a typical guy. he puts money, cc, receipts. this wallet also has to have some sort of chained that he can hook to his belt loop. his last wallet slid out of his pocket, and thats how he lost it, thus i think this chained thing is kinda important.
    i have been looking, but it is hard to find a chained wallet that does not look to punkish. i dont think he will appreciate me giving him a chained wallet that is worn by 16 year old punk wannabe.
    thanks for the suggestion.
  2. thaks for the suggestions ladies.... but i need a more "old person" wallet. if you see more things, please let me know.
  3. hm.... i guess i should mention another thing. i am buying my mother a bag, for which i will spend some $$ (not too much tho), thus i cannot really get my dad a cheapie because he will be jealous. this jealousy will not be pretty coz he will take it out on my mom. so i better get him something thats not too cheap either.