Please help me find a violet (purple) caviar flap

  1. i really want one now!! anyone know where i can find this? would love it in the east-west or medium size! thanks sooooo much!!

    :heart: sweetsparkle
  2. I don't think they currently have the purple classic flap in the boutiques anymore. I know Personalshoppers on eBay has them (she is reputable) but she sells them way above retail. If you want one though, she would be the way to go to ensure it's authentic.
  3. I found these on eBay. I think the sellers are all reputable, but you can always post the in the authenticate this thread to be sure. I know they aren't exactly what you're looking for, but they are all cute, so I thought why not?
    0212_12.jpg E3152.jpg P3251820.jpg
  4. thanks everyone! i'll try to contact personal shoppers. and thanks april valentine for the pictures. those bags are beautiful.
  5. just keep checking eBay. i looked for months and months for mine. called half the dept stores in the country, canada, had someone check in paris. i emailed personal shoppers and she said she had a waiting list for violet/ purple. don't know if that's still true- that was a few weeks ago. good luck. it's worth the effort!
  6. thanks hlfinn! i will keep trying. i found my luxury bowler after months of calling and asking around so i guess anything is possible. i also emailed personal shoppers and she said that she will drop me a note if one becomes available but she said it's very rare that one pops up!