please help me find a utah wallet in bone

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  1. me and my choo ( ) just got back from a mini vacay, during this time we had an opportunity to fall madly and deeply in love. now i face a dilemma i need a matching wallet. i want a utah in bone, however, right before i left i stoped by the NJ short hills choo store and was told that the utah was on sale a couple of weeks back and now no choo store had any left. the SA suggested that i look on ebay ( just missed one - no biggie b/c it was used), in intermix or scoop in NY ( so far no luck )- so basically you ladies are my last hope to tame one of these illusive creatures ... please help me :crybaby:

    thank you in advance
  2. Or perhaps the 2 Choo outlets?
  3. :wtf: 2 choo outlets?? i only know woodberry in upstate NY
    where is the second one?
  4. I would try calling the Las Vegas store as well 702 691-2097! It is not an outlet, but it receives a lot of the final sale items:tup:
  5. No Luck In Woodberry .... Vegas Next
  6. It is in California somewhere. Cabazon? jmcadon would know.
  7. Please dont tell me there is a Choo outlet in Cabazon that I somehow missed when I was there over New Years. I thought we hit everything there but I don't remember seeing a JC store?
  8. Hell...I don't even know where Cabazon is...LOL. Is there a Choo outlet here in California????
  9. I'm probably wrong then. I thought there was one at Cabazon, near Palm Springs.
  10. ^^there may be one there. I've just never been to Palm Springs...or Cabazon. I do not like hot weather or golfing. If I'm going to SoCal it will be to the coast where is it rarely hot...right Robynbenz???
  11. I am pretty sure there isn't one in Cabazon. We really hit every store there and no Choo.

    I don't like hot weather but we went over Xmas and New Years and it is beautiful in Palm Desert (15 minutes from Palm Springs). I don't do dirt so I am not a hiking type of gal (think "high maintenance") but if you enjoy nature it is truly beautiful. The main drive in Palm Springs looks just like Beverly Hills in the Desert. It was cool to be shopping and look at see a mountain range right in front of you.
  12. Thanks, I won't get my hopes up!