Please Help Me Find a Throw..

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  1. One of the biggest issues I'm running into, is what grey looks like in different lighting.

    In natural light, looks great, in incandescent lighting, it turns from grey into this strange purplish color that looks terrible in the house.

    I've gone through 5 throws between last Thursday and yesterday. Keep buying and returning.

    The throw on the chair is an off-white and gray. It's perfect in natural light and incandescent. It works any time of the day. I love but it's in terrible shape, and I can't get it again.

    The one on the sofa works beautifully as a grey throw in my city apartment. At the house, it's hideous once the lights come on. And even with the lights off, it has this strange purple like undertone that's driving me crazy.

    So, anyone have any recommendations of true grey and white throws? I'm looking for a chevron pattern, but will take almost anything at this point. I'm getting desperate.

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  2. OMG those dogs are so cute!
    I had the same trouble with grey paint colors. I'd pick one at the store and as soon as I swatched it on the wall it looked blue or purple.
    I like the way your floor and your furniture look. Would you consider using a throw in a different color? Or you want grey to blend rather than having something stand out?
  3. Thank you, they're my

    I thought a grey and white throw would add some contrast, no? lol. But yeah, I'm keeping it very low-key. Only colors I'm really adding are some yellow flowers and green plants. Everything else is in various shades of off-white,taupe, greige and grey.

    My kitchen is open, and my fireplace is concrete- so it's the focal point for the entire space.

    Here's a pic. The chair is on the opposite side now, and the ottoman is on the other side of the couch.
    I'm putting a huge canvas print on the that far wall of the Eiffel Tower that's also in greys and greiges..

    But I need throws baaadly. The dogs will ruin the slip covers in no time flat (I bought 3 extra sets because I know my pups are little piggies)

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  4. your room is beautiful. I guess you could do a white throw but you'd be washing it all the time. Or darker grey? There are so many shades of grey. When we remodeled I selected a grey for the MBR and then had to change it because the adjoining bath had tile that was a warm grey and the paint had a blue cast.
    At least a throw is portable so you can try different ones. I got a pretty one in a darker grey at Costco but it was months ago.
  5. Thank you. It's still work in progress.

    The one you got at Costco, true grey? No purple, right?
  6. to me it looks kind of charcoal but I don't know what it would look like next to your sofa or your fireplace....greys are funny. I don't see purple in it. I just got it because it was soft and I liked the color....not really trying to fit it into the decor.
  7. Your dogs are amazing and that room is beautiful!

    My house has a lot of grey and I run into the same issues, so I feel your pain! I think that a solid charcoal grey throw would look great in this room.
  8. Thanks guys.

    So I ordered two of these in a Grey, and Mushroom color from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    My local store didn't carry them, but I figure if they don't work, I can return them easily.

    I'm hoping the grey is true and because of the knit, they won't show wear as much.

    Now I'm looking for a weathered/distressed easel (for a large framed photo) to put on the small wall behind the chair. This never ends..
  9. Z Gallerie has a ton of really plush throws. I got a similar throw at Macy's but it looks like they don't carry it anymore.
  10. that knit throw looks of those colors should work. Your sofa looks kind of warm colored? So maybe the mushroom. You never know until you see the colors together. GL

  11. Lori, I wish Z Gallerie had better pics. There were some throws I may have ordered but it's impossible to tell what color they really are. :sad:
    Thanks for mentioning them though, they do have items I'm interested in.

    Yeah, the sofa is warm.
    Ikea calls it lofallet beige (yeah, I splurged and went with Ikea :P ) but it's much lighter than a beige, off white I guess.
  12. Good image of your home with a handsome dog!