Please help me find a taupe bag!! :)

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct section, so sorry if I'm not! :sweatdrop: Anyway, I've been craving a taupe colored bag for the spring..I think taupe is the perfect neutral to go with anything from black to all sorts of colors. I just have no idea where to look!! I mostly buy Chanels but I haven't really seen anything taupe-y that's caught my eye.. Recently I've been lurking in the LV section looking at the Suhali Lockit bag in the verone color (close enough to taupe), but thats it!! Does anyone have any ideas for a classic, taupe colored bag?? It would be so fun to dress up one of those with a colorful Hermes twilly! Thanks so much! :love::love:
  2. Are you looking for any particular brands, price range and how large of a bag you are looking for?

    For a more classic look, I think Rebecca Minkoff's morning after or morning after mini has a few colors in the taupe-ish range. Here's a link to the color I was thinking of, but not the particular style.
  3. They have this one at Revolve...its a little out of your range but it is by Andarei and gorgeous.
    And this one is from Kataphileo but it is a bit light..maybe too light for what yo uare looking for.
  4. elizat, I'm open to most brands, but I am a huge Chanel also like LV (non-mono), Balenciaga, Prada, and Miu Miu just to name a few. As for price range...hmm..probably anything under $3K, since I really don't think I would be able to justify anything over that price!!

    Thanks for the replies...the bags are lovely!
  5. If you're into Bal bags, they have a great color called Sandstone that you might like? Also, MJ had a color called Mouse from a few seasons ago tha tyou could probably find in a few styles on eB@y...
  6. I really like this one! :tup:

  7. I would try PRADA, go to Or try treesje divino grande or rebecca minkoff morning after.
  8. I'm looking for one too! I want a boho one-kind of like the Chole edith, but I want to carry it over a shoulder...I've been stalking the Henry Beguelins, but haven't seen any yet.....Prada makes a couple of nice ones, and Chole has several taupy colors.
  9. Botkier has a pearly taupe color out now (Vixen hobo and satchel come in it at Luna Boston) and RM's dusty color is gorgeous!