Please help me find a sofa similar to this

  1. I have that picture pinned on my pinterest home decor board! It's gorgeous!

    I'm pretty sure that couch is either vintage or custom made, but to make your search easier I would suggest googling "hollywood regency sofa" since the style of the sofa is hollywood regency.

    I found this sofa which is similar in look & style:

    But I also would check out Room Service ( as they sometimes have similar things as well.

    HTH & good luck!
  2. [CLovely sofa![/COLOR][/COLOR]

    I had a sofa like this, It was the most uncomfortable thing ever. No one wanted to sit on it. Back was too high & the arms were not at a comfortable height. But it looked cool! Ended up selling it to the buyers of the home it was in.
    If you can, test a sofa out before buying. I learned a lesson with this one.
  3. I think I'm into Hollywood regency because I love that sofa!

    Wait, sofas are supposed to be comfortable and not just look good? Is this the Louboutin of sofas? :p