Please help me find a red riki!!

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  1. Hello ladies.. looking at this thread im thinking of taking the plunge and getting my first JC.. and i think its gonna be the Riki in red leather ... please help me find one on sale.. looking forward to ur replies .. :smile:
  2. has one, but it is not on sale. I doubt if this bag will go on sale. Someone on this forum had one for sale a while back, tho...
  3. Yes and it was "Brand NEW" reduced to $900.00 :graucho:
  4. So...does she still have it?

  5. No, it took a couple of rounds, but it did find a home in Texas:tumbleweed:
  6. thanks soo much for the replies girls.. well i cant afford the bag at retail so ima just wait for it to go on sale.. anyone see it on sale pls lemme know .. thank u soooooooooo much /.. u girls are awesome...
  7. Try overstock and bluefly. Overstock has the XL Ramona in burgundy right now, and bluefly had a red Ramona last week. You never know!
  8. has this bag on sale, but some tPFer is having problem (i forgot who, sorry..) shopping here, if I am not mistaken they sent the wrong bag. Not sure whether it is solved or not. be careful..
  9. *bump*
  10. still has one...not sure of the price.
  11. There's one at footcandyshoes right now for less than $800!!
  12. I think I saw one on ebay!
  13. That one is gone.
  14. I just returned a red Ramona to BlueFly. Gorgeous bag!! 2007 Red, calf smooth leather. I just thought that I can find a better deal than 20% off (it cost around 1450 at BlueFly). Maybe I am wrong and I'll end up buying it back?:nuts::nuts: