PLEASE help me find a PNY expandable!!!

  1. Have to have it. Seriously.

    Please help me locate one of these!!! I will be forever grateful.

  2. I'm not sure if Saks ever carried this bag but you could try emailing my favorite s/a Melissa at Saks in Boca Raton.

    There is an underscore between her first and last name. She can check Saks inventory locator for you and see if any stores have one available. If you're not picky about color all the better.
  3. thanks so much!!!
  4. Dear Ms. Lovey:

    Just saw your thread.

    I've say 1 in beige/wht and 1 in BLK at the NM Newport this afternoon.

    You can call Cynthia at 949-759-1900 who is EXTREMELY nice.

    Good Luck,
  5. I just picked up my black expandiple flap at Sak's on saturday.My fav SA called me(Joseph @917-776-9353)
    Contact him directly. And I got mine with no tax!!!!!! This bag looks great with my jeans eventhough I bought it for work......mmmmmm
  6. She is talking about the PNY flap from fall 06 if I'm correct. The one with the vintage leather versus the newer bag for spring with the wide stitching.
  7. :yes: ..I want 1 of that too..But i think I try to get it from Paris...any chance???
  8. Correct. I am looking for the one from last fall's Paris/New York collection with the thin chain straps and the quilted vintage leather.

    Thanks for your help ladies, and please keep your eyes peeled on this!
  9. I am looking for one as well...
    I want one so bad. I had the oppty right before xmas, and BF said no wait til after xmas
  10. and now they're all gone! oh what is the world coming to...?