Please Help Me Find A Particular Ebay Seller From Japan

  1. I saw a Chanel bag the other day that I loved, I should have bought the buy it now but I hesitated, came back at the end of the day and it was sold. The ebayer was located in japan and had sold a lot of chanel before, he/she had a high feedback score. I've searched everywhere on eBay and cannot find that member, they are not selling anything at this time. If you know who this might be please let me know.
  2. edited.
  3. after the controversy you've created, i don't know if we should help by telling you the eBay sellers' id.
  4. ^ true. i think i'm going to edit my post. i didn't see the OP s/n.
  5. Maybe wait till she lists again?
  6. what drama? Someone fill me in?
  7. Swanky it's the thread that londongal started about eBay and Paixi...
  8. LOL...check out the thread that she posted abt ebay seller "Paixi" :flowers:
  9. just spent the last 30 minutes or more reading that thread and took care of it. . . .
  10. Please tell me about seller paxi, my sister just purchased a bag from her, Should I be worried? I am not aware of any such post!!
  11. The post was removed because it had the potential to be libelous. I have authenticated many auctions by Piaxi and so far everything I have seen looks authentic to me.
  12. Oh, thank you so much! Where can I read the thread about what was being reported? I could not find anything, I just want to protectg myself, thanks
  13. The OP's comments were baseless and Amanda deleted the thread.
  14. paixi's is fine! If you have any questions, let our gracious gals help in Authenticate This:tup: