Please help me find a nude/ buff colored bag

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  1. Mid-range in price, around $500. Not too fussy about the style, as long as it's smooshy and is not too busy. This is for my sister and I've been having a real hard time finding bags in that color. :confused1:
  2. May be a little lower end than you wanted, but Cole Haan makes a lot of classic looking smooshy bags in a nude color:

  3. How about the Cory by Elysian Park? I'll try to copy it here, if not, check out the thread Bags by unknown designers, second page.
  4. Darn it, it didn't take, Well, go to this thread: Post the bags you are lusting after that are by "unknown" designers! It's post #22. The Cory is a very nice bag.
  5. Kooba Devin in blonde

  6. This bag went down in price, it's now only $284.
  7. Nope, I love Cole Haan's quality and always happy to find a deal. Thanks ladies, some great ideas here. :okay:
  8. Treesje asher has a great color in camel. Check out their website at
  9. [​IMG] Cole Haan at Nordstrom...$395 free shipping!:yes: