Please help me find a ~*Juicy Daydreamer*~

  1. Heya'!
    Could you girls tell me where to find a juicy daydreamer other than Thanks!!;)
  2. I went on it's a site with near naked ladies on XD

    Don't you mean juicycouture?

  3. Try the big department stores- Neiman, Bloomies, Nordstrom- I think just about all of them have Juicy bags
  4. ^ yup! i think u can find it almost everywhere.hehe...
    neiman boomie Saks nordstorm eluxury carry juicy

  5. :wtf: ........of course I went to lol!
  6. Hi!!!
    Im not sure exactly which Im wanting.......I think either the dark blue with pink trim which is almost everywhere or the all black but that wont be available until May. Booo!
  7. good luck finding the Juicy bag you want. i've alwaz liked the daydreamer.
  8. NM, Nordstrom,, eluxury, bloomies
  9. Black!
    But then again, I have black bags running through my head :push: I just realized last week that I don't own a black bag that isn't an evening bag. How the heck do you get to be 40 some years old & not own a black bag??

    I think the blue is pretty too.....