Please help me find a Guccisima bag!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been enlisted by my BF's mom to help her find a brown colored Guccisima leather bag + matching wallet. She showed me the pic from a Gucci catalog from last year so something tells me it may no longer be in stores? If not, how often do they pop up on eBay (the authentic ones of course)?

    I feel bad because she almost bought it last year but bought a Balenciaga instead because she saw me toting my Bbags and went with that instead.

    Thanks for your input! :flowers:
  2. Some descriptions might help? Is it a hobo? A boston? A tote? The Guccissima leather is pretty new and many of the styles are classics, meaning they have not gone on sale, especially the brown color.
  3. I was told that they're keeping the guccissima as part of their regular collection so there should be something at the stores... I recently seen a brown guccissima indy that is TDF!
  4. Here are two options for bags that are now available in chocolate guccissima (

    The first bag, the Abbey shoulder bag, is a nice size and can hold a lot( there was another post awhile back, where the poster took a picture of the inside of her Abbey...that maybe helpful if you cannot see the bag IRL)

    I also love this wallet, which is also chocolate, though it is a little pricey!

    Good Luck!
  5. The pics she showed me, one was a tote and the other one is a shoulder hobo bag. There was a long matching wallet too. I don't have the photos with me so I can't take a pic =(