Please help me find a great work bag!! (<$500)

  1. PFers...please help! I really need a great bag to carry to work, preferably in the tan color family (so that I can carry it with black and brown outfits). I would like it to be decent sized so I could potential carry files if I have to take them home (but do NOT want a folio-type bag). Also, I love lots of interior pockets / compartments for cell phones etc (I am a bit of a neat freak).

    Unfortunately, I need to keep it under $500 or my husband will kill me.

    I have been scoping out the MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Astor Large' Slouch Bag

    What do you think of this bag? What else? Help me, please!
  2. When you say you want to avoid folio-type bags, what do you mean?
  3. i'm not totally crazy about that bag...sorry...i think that hayden harnett, bulga, coach, dooney, marc by marc jacobs and michael by michael kors (other styles) are great...good luck with your search!
  4. I saw a Dooney bag that looked like it might work. Can't remember where though.. :sad:
  5. If your workplace isn't too conservative, consider these Ani bags from

    They're the same size or bigger than the first one you mentioned. They have three interior pockets and the Nadia (first one) has two outer pockets. The Nadia is $475 and the Cameron (the second and third, named after Cameron Diaz, who carries it) is $450. I have the third one and I like it lots. The shoulder strap is adjustable and it's plenty big. Do a board search for more info.

    Check the "Deals" section of this forum for Lunaboston codes and/or try the code "Grechen" for 20 percent off.




    Also try Tano bags from, and

    P.S. You could also buy a purse organizer, e.g., a Purseket etc. for more pockets.
  6. Chloe Edith is great! I love using this bag for work.

    The original price is 1275, Nordstrom has 60% off if you can find it. Otherwise, Saks is having a final cut soon, and should be around 500.
  7. Thanks for your help, ladies! I'll check out the bags you suggested and let you know how it goes.