Please help me find a Dior Hardcore Saddle Bag, Pierced!

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  1. I couldn’t find this anymore, anywhere! Can you please help me to find these?? I have seen this back in 2005, but I got into the shops too late! I wanted to buy the Dior Hardcore Saddle Bag which is pierced with the CD at the sides. HELP!!!
  2. Yes, this one is the pierced one but the one that I'm looking for is the one with hardcore letterings around it and pierced. Any idea where can I get them? :sad:
  3. This is the exact one but I wanted with the CD chains at the both ends of the bag.. The bigger saddle bag I guess...

  4. i dont think i`ve seen it any time recently but will keep my eyes open for u girl! :yes:
  5. I love that first bag posted. I am looking for the hardcore (red/white) one too. Cute.

    Good taste girl.
  6. Thanks! I'm looking forward on this handbag very much and hope you guys can help me find one! Thankssss!!! :biggrin:
  7. (Congratulations your having a bay)
  8. it's cute!
  9. I adore that bag and i think it's really funky. I've considered getting it but then i was thinking 'what if it gets caught onto something' :push:

    Good luck hunting, will look out for it.
  10. read our rules, if you post abnything like this, we'll ban you from this Forum.
  11. I definitely don't need a REPLICA.