Please help me find a chocolate brown dress!

  1. Hey ladies, I am in a wedding in October and am allowed to pick my own dress and the only stipulation is it has to be chocolate brown. Awesome that I get to pick my own...but I am having a surprisingly hard time finding one! Not sure if it's the season or what, but I"ve checked Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's...and they basically have nothing (at least in the stores...haven't really looked online). If I am going to buy it online....need to do ASAP to account for shipping time. Would really appreciate your suggestions....
  2. Chetta-B off the shoulder dress @

    Nicole Miller square neck satin gown @

    Nicole Miller ruched waist sheath dress @

    JS Boutique square neck satin dress @

    That's a quick list; I would DEFINITELY check out the occasion dresses at; they have a lot of dresses not available in stores and it's much easier finding a chocolate one by selecting the appropriate filter instead of searching through racks and racks of dresses!

    Here, I've narrowed down all the dresses for you at that are for a special occasion and come in brown!

    Good luck!