Please Help me find a Black Mulberry Bays!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to Mulberry and would like a black bays because i think this bag would be perfect for me to take to work, etc can you help me locate one on sale or for a good price (not 495 pounds). I have been looking on ebay but I'm a little lost, some of them look real but some don't....if you see a real bays in black you can post it in your response....

    Thanks for all your help ladies.

    Your new Mulberry friend.
  2. I will keep my eyes open on Ebay for you! Do you live near or can you call the outlets?? Where are you located is really my question!! I am using my black Bays today and love it!!!
  3. I'm in the USA....which really is a problem when trying to get a Bays, I don't think many stores carry them and also lots of the English sellers aren't willing to ship to the USA, I just try to pester them and beg them and with some luck they will send the bag here.

    Thanks for your help kroquet.
  4. <<Michigan
  5. Call one of the Mulberry stores here and have them look for you. The sales will be in June, I believe. I bought my Bays last November at 20% off. Personally, I like the Atlantic City store. They have a toll free number. I was at the stage of deciding on the Bays and the SA actually called and informed me of the sale so I snapped it up! Good luck!

    Also check Bloomingdale's online!!
  6. ok....stores like nordstrom, bloomingdales and more will be having sales of 30% off and more and so that's what would be perfect for me... it would be nice to try on the bag and see if i can handle a bigger bag too...i'll call around thanks
  7. ^^

    thanks for that leelee....i'm hoping to find one on sale as that price is a little high for me right now...thanks though