PLEASE help me find a black cambon wallet!

  1. hey everyone...I have the large cambon tote with patent black c's and i really want a matching wallet! please be on the look out ;)
  2. there were quite a few of the black patent cambon wallets in the chanel boutique at tyson's corner, VA in september.
  3. My NM had a few 2 days ago, call Shannon @ 972.629.1700
    ask for Shannon in handbags.
  4. they are completely sold out here in london, uk - in the large size. I had to get one from an MPRS in singapore believe it or not :P
  5. Chanel in Chicago had at least one -on display - last weekend
  6. There's a mountain high of them at Neiman in SF.
  7. ^^^christine, do you know if I was able to purchase a bag with cash from NM SF and have it shipped out of state as a gift that dosent have a NM...would i be charged tax?

  8. Neimans in Charlotte had a long and short wallet today in the color combo you are looking for. Sorry, I dont know official names. 704-442-7900. I always deal with Natasha, but the managers name is Jennifer if you want to call her.