Please help me find a Bays clutch!

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  1. Hi ladies, I've been lurking since the whole sale fiasco as I couldn't bring myself to post very much as I was so annoyed with Mulberry about the stock thing and the response I got to my emails.

    BUT... I do really need the bays clutch and i now have the funds again, so please, if anyone sees a cracked black or a champagne on their travels, pls pls pls let me know!

    I've just rang all the outlets (well bicester weren't answering) and both Shepton and York have the plain black but that's it.

    thanks in advance peeps!:biggrin:
  2. i would grqb the black one with both hands to be honest.
  3. I second that.
    I think the cracked may prove to be a bit too delicate as well.
  4. I've been debating whether the cracked one is a good idea tbh after what I have read on here, which is why I'm swaying towards the champagne... the cracked is so gorgeous tho, i don't know if the plain black is too boring for me!
  5. The plain black is a bit well, plain (!) imo - looks a bit like a satchel or something. I'd hang on for champagne or the cracked black!!
  6. I agree with with Snowshoe too, get the black one griddlebone. I really wanted the cracked black clutch but I could only find the antique black so I settled for that and I'm so pleased I did, I take it everywhere and its really hard wearing I think I would be worried about damaging the cracked clutch with it being so delicate.
  7. have the cracked black clutch in stock. It MAY go into the sale in the beginning of July so could be an idea to keep an eye on that site...?
  8. Aw thanks Linnea - I'm so angry withh myself for not getting it at cheshire oaks when i was there last month! then again i didnt have the cash then!!

    Ruby: It's such a lovely bag, don't get me wrong, it's just i had my heart set on the cracked cos it was a little bit different xx

    Love champagne too.... :smile:
  9. Just ordered the champagne bays clutch from harvey nicks in manchester after Keeledover's report back from there! Can't wait!!!!!:love:

  10. thats shops amazing i been there many times when i go to mancs they have a fab bag dept and the perfume and cosmetics are right up from the bags. u have to walk past all the bags to get to the cosmetics. love it :yahoo:my7 kind of store set up:graucho:
  11. Oh, yay, I'm glad you saw that - I was looking for this thread to link to that in case you hadn't! Sounds lovely ;)
  12. :woohoo: Congrats - look forward to seeing your reveal!!

    Isnt tPF great when you want something that is a little elusive!! :P
  13. Aw thanks ladies :smile: yeah tPF is fab!!! and your are all so lovely :smile:
  14. I was just going to say that I'm sure they had both the Cracked Black AND Plain Back at Bicester yesterday - if it was Black you were after you might want to phone them! They had Lipstick too but no Champagne as far as I remember.