Please Help me find a BaBy CaBas in WhiTe

  1. I am from the philippines and we don't have a chanel boutique here. I have called all over Hong Kong and Bangkok and they have such long wait list that by the time I am going there the bags are all sold out.

    I have called several chanels in the U.S. and they do ship internationally and I just need to find a store that has the Baby Cabas in stock

    Please help. Post the number of the chanel store and the S.A. whom I can call
    Many thanks
  2. Hi Jen! I'm from Manila too, and an avid collector of Chanel. I'm leaving for SFO in a few weeks. Can I help you?
  3. most of the stores have black and white, trust me I called almost every Chanel looking for a shorter waitist for the bronze and most of them can get you a black or white.
  4. Call Lana(SA) at the Chanel boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I reserved one and turned it down today because I already had one. 702-765-5055
    Grab the one I turned away!! :yes: Tell her Julieanne told you she had one. Good luck!! Do post pics!!
  5. Hi..if your looking for BaBy CaBas in white I just saw one of many at Neiman Marcus in my SA... I promise will love her she will find you anything and send it out her name is Barbara at 248-635-1745