Please help me find a 2006 India Blue City!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know where I can get a Blue India City?!? I can't seem to find one aaaanywhere!...:shrugs: Is it a lost cause?...:crybaby:Please help.....!:woohoo:Thanx...
  2. Would you consider another style besides the City? That might make it easier.
  3. Hi RealDeal,
    SOOOO sorry 4 the l8 replay - how rude of me! :rolleyes:

    No, I've really got my heart set on the City style and I've actually just seenone on eBay :yahoo:and she says she's a PF member, so I've asked 4 further details...

    Blue India is an 06 colour right? Was the leather abit dodgey that year?

    Thanx for your help! :smile:
  4. '06 is not considered the best leather but some bags had nice leather. My BI purse had really nice leather.
  5. I have a BI city and she has thick, smooth leather, really great. I think they might be sold out all over, but I'm sure one will pop up somewhere. Good luck!