please help me figure out the name of this bag!

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  1. my friend saw a woman in paris carrying a crescent shaped messenger bag with a "chanel imprinted" nylon strap. she said that it was made of a satin-like fabric, quilted, had two front pockets, was the size of a hardcover book, and had the chanel logo stitched onto one of the front pockets. it makes me think that the bag is the part of the cambon line. the shape was exactly the same as this bag (pic from maxter):


    does such a bag exist? if it does, could you tell me what the name of the bag is, what season was it released, and how much it retailed for? any info would help!

    thanks so much!
  2. Since you mentioned the messenger style and the Chanel imprinted nylon strap, my guess is the bag you saw is from the Sports Ligne.
  3. definitely not from the Ligne Cambon.