Please help me explain to DH -

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  1. Why I can't just walk into Hermes and buy a Birkin?
    He can't believe that they don't have any birkins to sell
    when you go in?
  2. Maybe just tell him they're handmade, take a long time to produce and supply doesn't meet demand :shrugs:

  3. lol.....i think i'll tell him that!!!!:smile:
  4. Some eBay bidding in action soon? :graucho: Good Luck! Please buy only from reputable resellers!
  5. Nervous - but getting good vibes from fellow pf members regarding certain resellers.:smile:
  6. Stick with the list Giselle - you'll be fine :tup:
  7. giselle,
    You can ask your husband why he cant just walk into a store that sells Rolex and buy a stainless steel, white dial Daytona. Most men seem to relate to this analogy!
    Best of luck, I am sure you will have a birkin bag before you know it.
  8. Thanks Handy!!!:smile:
    You girls are fabulous - what would I do with out you!

    That's true jedi - i'll use that one.
  9. The Rolex Daytona is so hard to come by, isn't it! :tup:
  10. :tup: That's the exact explaination I gave!
  11. :yes::okay:
  12. Over at where I am, the black dial one is the one that's HOT! HOT! HOT!
  13. ^ Yes yes, Tricia!!! :yes:
  14. My DH is so grateful that I CAN'T just walk into a H store and pick up a Birkin!!!!
  15. yeah, certain Ferarris can only be ordered 18 months out.
    Some are also custom-made, fine detailed, built by hand.
    Some made to spec.
    No assembly line there.