Please help me expand my scarf / shawl collection...


Aug 10, 2008
Hello Hermes ladies...

I am about to visit a few Hermes boutiques this week (I no longer live proximate to one, unfortunately, so this is a rare opportunity for me) and am looking to expand my scarf collection and perhaps acquire some shawls. Although I own several Hermes scarves already, I have not used them much as of yet (having a three-year-old is my excuse!). That said, recently I have developed a desire to become more initiated into the world of scarf-wearing - largely due to the inspiration that I get from this forum, thanks to all of you very stylish ladies who post here, on a daily basis.

So far, I have focused on the 90 cm silk twills (I have two), pointus (I have two of these also), and twillys (which I use primarily to decorate bags). I am wondering what other options I should be considering? The GM shawls are lovely but just seem so huge to me. I also wonder about the mousselines? The pleated scarves?

There are so many options that it's almost overwhelming! I am looking for advice on what a well-rounded, functional, useable, and fashionable Hermes scarf / shawl collection might look like for a newbie such as myself? Any advice or feedback would be most appreciated!

FYI I use my LV sprouse stoles a LOT - I find them very easy and functional to wear, but would like to find ways to incorporate Hermes items into my wardrobe / lifestyle with the same ease!

Thank you!! :smile:


Jun 17, 2011
hmmm..this is rather personal and everyone is different. let's start with what designs and colours you are drawn to and are also practical to wear for your lifestyle. best to try it in the store with an outfit that you wear the most!

i was never a scarf wearer, but still bought two 90cms, one to use for my evelyne and the other, well i simply like the colours and the design. never worn or used either more than once or twice..

then, i bought my first 140cm silk/cashmere shawl, and i was hooked big i have more than a dozen six months later. some of the brighter more vibrant designs i wear only on weekends, as it is too loud for my office environment. i wear the more understated neutral shawls at work. the 140cm keeps me warm as i live in a country with pretty long winters..

then i was curious about the cest la fete in the 70cm..and find it to be the perfect size for me in terms of scarf, i can wear the designs for both work and casual. now i have 3 70cms..i love the feel of the vintage silk too and i find it suits me more when tied, compared to the 90cms..

there are lots of fabulous ladies and gents on this forum, rocking all that H has to offer. check out these threads if you haven't already. good luck! :smile:
Nov 29, 2010
H has stoles as well, maybe you would like those. And if CS in 140 seem too big to you, you might like PM size - 90. Mousselines are great for warmer weather and very wearable. Good luck!


Jan 31, 2011
United Kingdom
Definitely try a GM, they are easy to wear, get the SA to help you.

I'm not a fan of the pleated scarves or the mousselines.

I do like the 70s and the gavroches.

It really is very individual depending on your climate, lifestyle and personal style. Best to try the different sizes and then decide. Sounds like fun !


Aug 10, 2008
Thank you, ladies, for chiming in with your feedback and suggestions - all are much appreciated! Chincac - thank you so much for the posted links. Some I've looked at but others I haven't, so I'm looking forward to having a look through them.

Thanks again!!
Jan 7, 2009
I myself only started wearing the H scarfs 2 yrs ago, started with the 90 silks until I got used to tying them different ways and the feel on my neck as I had never worn a scarf before, now I have at least 25 90silks, 2 stoles, 2 70silks,5 Gavroche, 2 GM shawls that I have just got into, so I think the moral of the story is that once you start and get used to them you really cant stop. Best thing to do is try all the sizes on and see how you feel good luck and have fun.


Dec 29, 2011
H closet
Welcome to this world! I'm a newbie as well. Over time I found that I like the mousselines for summer and the GM silks and ex libris shawls for winter. I'm not a bright coloured wearer. So it is up to your tastes in terms of what u wear.

But if u have small children the silks and mousselines are suited for tough wear. The cashmere shawls are lovely but fragile


Aug 10, 2008
I am so grateful for everyone's feedback and advice! I had a wonderful day of shopping at the boutiques in Honolulu yesterday and expanded my scarf collection with some pieces that I love - all in sizes that are new to me. I'm excited to begin to experiment with my new pieces! I'll do a reveal soon and will link to it here...

Thanks again!