Please help me edit my collection now that I have better more organized pics!

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  1. Sorry about my first post ladies! That was all jumbled up and it was hard to do anything at all. I have now organized the purses according to color and work. Please advise which ones would you keep, which ones you wouldnt, and which ones are a MUST!

    Thanks in advance!

    Marc by Marc Jacobs small duffle bag in Navy

    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Hobo in Royal Blue

    Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel in blue

    Hayden Harnett Mercer Clutch in Ink

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Sharpei in Carbon Blue

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy tote in Carbon Blue

    Sorry about the last pic: Duplicate picture of RM morning after in royal blue
    c7fe_1.JPG newbags 042_320x240.jpg satchel_pat_med.jpeg tpfpics 014.jpg tpfpics 015.jpg
  3. Brown Bags

    Kenneth Cole NY Jet Stream in Expresso

    Rebecca Minkoff Morning after in Chocolate

    MBMJ Faridah in Chicory

    MJ Collection Diane Tote

    Betsey Johnson Buckle up

    Betsey Johnson vintage hobo

    newebaystuff 110.jpg tpfpics 005.jpg tpfpics 007.jpg tpfpics 008.jpg tpfpics 012.jpg
  4. Casual Black Bags

    Betsey Johnson Kisslock Hobo

    MBMJ turnlock bowler

    Hayden HArnett Triple Strap Hudson

    Kenneth Cole NY Hudson Rivet

    Betsey Johnson vintage hobo
    tpfpics 010.jpg tpfpics 017.jpg tpfpics 018.jpg
  5. .
  6. Light Colored Bags Including Dove Gray, White, And Meringue

    HH Havana

    Botkier Bella

    HH Inka

    Kale Palmer

    MBMJ Softy Max
    29f9_1.JPG botki1003111252_347x683d.jpg IMG_3200.jpg tpfpics 001.jpg tpfpics 013.jpg
  7. Red Bags

    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Tomato

    Botkier Bianca in Cherry

    MBMJ Teri in Cordovan
    mini.jpg tpfpics 011.jpg
  8. Purple Bags

    HH Triple C Mercer

    HH Lorca

    HH Gaza Hobo

    HH Gaza Satchel
    7ceb_12.JPG tpfpics 006.jpg
  9. Pink Bags

    Betsey Johnson Buckle up in Blush

    (Just the middle bag) Francesco Biasia pink croc satchel
    newebaystuff 101.jpg newebaystuff 114.jpg
  10. Green Bags

    MBMJ Softy Max in tea leaf

    MBMJ turnlock bowler in Moss
    tpfpics 009.jpg

    Adrienne Vittadini croc satchel

    Kenneth Cole NY Jet stream Camera Bag/Tote

    Kenneth Cole New York Passing Thru Satchel

    Botkier Bella

    Kenneth Cole NY Jet Stream Hobo

    Badgley Mischka Dome Satchel

    Cole Haan Paige Convertible Tote

    Not in pics: Marc Jacobs Venetia which is def a keeper!
    tpfpics 016.jpg tpfpics 003.jpg tpfpics 004.jpg tpfpics 020.jpg tpfpics 019.jpg

    Ok ladies! Please help me "EDIT" the collection. What goes on my arm and what goes on eBay!?
  13. Ok, here goes my two cents (for whatever it's worth!)
    In the first picture: I'd keep the HH Mercer Satchell in blue with croc, the Rebecca Minkoff MA in royal blue, and maybe one of the MJ in carbon blue. I don't think you'd really need two large bags in the exact same color. Plus the MJ Duffel looks similar in shape to the RB morning after.
  14. For brown bags: The MJ Faridah and the Betsey Johnson BuckleUp. I'd get rid of the Diane...looks too much like the Faridah.
  15. Black bags: Kisslock hobo and HH Triple Strap. You can definitely get rid of one of the black hobos; they look almost identical in your pic, IMO.
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