Please Help me ebay fraud maybe?

  1. Hi, a few years ago I had an eBay account whilst I was at uni and ended up not using it and opening another one when I left uni as I forgot the password and could no longer access my uni email. Anyway I was at my parents in laws house today and my father in law was checking his email and he had loads from eBay for that account dated for the past week about direct debits and removed listings because of software rights. He immediately deleted them, I am so confused this account was only ever used to buy one thing. I think they may have had my boyfriends email and meant to send them to him and they went to his dads instead as they are both on aol on the same computer but then I worried about the account being hijacked so searched for it on eBay and it said no longer registered with ebay. I am so confused, what do I do? How can I get those emails about direct debits when I never set one up and never tried to sell anything? I was fully expecting when I found the account that there would be loads of things for sale but it said it was no longer registered? I guess I don't need to do anything then?
  2. Contact eBay immediately and talk to them just to make sure. Maybe your account was hijacked and you don't know about it.
  3. Yes contact ebay immediately, it sounds like your account was taken over, you need to let ebay know!
  4. If you dont use your ebay account for a 6 month period they will close it. If you go in to look, that counts as using it, even if you dont buy or sell. It could be those scamming emails we all get too, with someone wanting to get our personal info. I get them all the time and report them to ebay.
  5. Thanks, I have just sent them a very long winded email!
  6. keep us posted!