Please help me downsize

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    Hi Ladies (and gentlemen, if any). Lately I have been thinking of downsizing my collection. They are all very lovely, which makes the decision tough.

    But I think I seriously need to consider my priorities... Why would I need so many bags? Quite often I can't decide which bag to carry and I realize it didn't quite matter anymore which one to carry after all. Especially when I am a stay at home mum (in my 40s), hardly attend dinners or other social functions.

    Which would be the 5 that you'll let go if you are in my position?

    My collection (just posted on the family portrait thread)
    1) Reissue medium camera bag aged calf GHW
    2) Medallion caviar GHW
    3) Kelly caviar SHW
    4) M/L lambskin GHW
    5) Pearly beige caviar GHW
    6) Reissue burgundy caviar GHW 225
    7) M/L gold lace over goatskin GHW
    8) Reissue black aged calf RHW 226
    9) Reissue grey aged calf RHW 226
    10) Reissue black aged calf GHW 226
    11) JM aged calf RHW medium
    12) M/LHybrid reissue caviar RHW bijoux chain
    13) JM aged calf GHW small
    14) Reissue gold GHW 225
    15) Camellia lambskin evening bag
    16) East West blush pink caviar SHW

  2. I read the title of your thread and groaned inside. What a hard thing to do! All of these bags are so fabulous! Please don't get rid of that Kelly or the bijoux chain bag. That grey reissue will go with anything you wear, from any season. The gold 2.55 reissue is stunning (and will look amazing in the produce isle of your local market). The burgundy/bordeaux 2.55 is also so gorgeous with that gold hardware. The camera bag is such a useful bag. You only have one pure tote left, and you can put oodles of things inside the Medallion tote (and you never know when you'll have to take an unexpected trip and need a tote). Is that a bronze classic (#7)? How stunning is that? Number 8 must be a 2.55 with ruthenium hardware, which is great for when you don't want gold hardware, and #10 is good for when you do (and a smaller bag for going to the movies or a quick dinner with the kids). #5 is just the "wow" factor; that one is great for when you have "mommy time." I can't see what #4 is, but if that's a M/L I just don't know. I suppose you could size down #11 if you keep #13 as the smaller JM is really nice for when you need a lighter weight bag to chase down the kids. #15 is really cute; is that the 3-d camellia one? So, maybe you could size down #16 since you have #5. Wow, I got you down 2 bags! I was a help after all! You surely can't be serious to make 16 bags go down to 5??? :sad:(( I'm all for downsizing but perhaps you could start with clothes and then shoes before bags (and do have a nice bath with a cup of tea to relax you before you think about sizing down these bags; it will do you a world of good!). :smile:

    I'm not kidding when I say I take my Chanel bags everywhere. I take them to the park, I take them to the beach, I take them to the market, i take them to the movies. In a Dr. Seuss book, I would take them with a fox and in a box. I really do use them and not keep them on a shelf to be admired; they are bags and I enjoy the heck out of them. I figure when I'm gone I'll leave them to my DD. Hopefully she will later leave them to her DD when she is old enough to date, marry, and then have kids. I see them as another kind of family heirloom if you will, ones filled with so many memories to be handed down to fill with new memories to go alongside the old ones. If you only have boys, perhaps a future daughter in law would love to have them as gifts. Please do give some thought to this, but if you really have to size down, do it slowly so you have no regrets. Best of luck deciding; I'm awful at sizing down your gorgeous collection of bags.
  3. It's hard to even remove just one from your beautiful collection!
    Why would you have to downsize? I am also a stay home mom and we are also expatriate in a remote location, some bags sitting at our home and I have only a woc and mini staying with me but I am still looking forward every time I have a chance to visit Chanel boutique and pick up some goodies when I can.
    If really have to take away from your collection, I would just take out one reissue and one classic....they are all too pretty to give up.....good luck!
  4. Gorgeous collection!!
    If I were you, I would let go of no. 7 and 16. And if you must, may be one of 4, 8 or 10 because of its similar in function. And, I would shred my tear for another one of 5 or 14.

    No. 14 is in my next bag list. Do you baby the bag ? Is the leather difficult to maintain ?
    Thanks for sharing your experience.!
  5. what a gorgeous collection you have Chloe_c!:tup:
    I looked and looked again at your collection and I can only offer suggestions to downsize 4 bags.

    1) one of the JMs (either 11 or 13);
    2) Reissue rhw (#8). I would keep the grey reissue because it's casual and chic (just like #8) so they are serving similar purposes. You have the black with ghw (#10) for the more elegant look!
    3) #15
    4) #16 since you already have the pearly flap.

  6. lol tutushopper, I think she wants to let 5 go and keep 11...

    You have such a pretty collection! Personally I would sell:

    Maybe you can start by picking out which ones haven't you used at all? and keep only one of them that you want to admire if it's too hard to let go of them all. Or maybe put all your black bags together and see which ones you want to pull double duty? I see a lot of dark bags there...hard to focus at 3am my time. :lol:

    bonus: if you decide to sell #1, I would love to add that to my collection. I've been hoping for that style to come back forever now. :lol:
  7. Thank you, tutushopper for sharing your thoughts regarding individual bags, they are exactly how I feel with each! And thank you for taking time to do that, it's greatly appreciated.
    And no, I only want to let go of 5, not downsize to 5. #7 is the one overlay with gold lace. I think it's a bit of overlap with the camellia one since they are both more for the evenings.
    Unfortunately I don't have any DDs, and I hope I like my future daughters in law to pass the bags to them, lol!

    It's not just a hassle to upkeep them, eg make sure they get to breathe, (where I live can be humid and mold issues is not uncommon). Last Sun my church featured welfare work for some people that we are helping in China. They were so grateful to receive blankets during the harsh winter, one man even gave up suicidal thoughts after receiving the blanket because the winter was simply unbearable. It makes me think twice of my excessive possessions. We often feel helpless to make this world a better place, thinking that what we give is just a drop into the ocean. Upon seeing the film, tears just rolled down my eyes... I hope this won't offend anyone but I don't want to on one hand indulge and on the other gave money to the needy just to make myself feel better! Just because I do some good doesn't mean I deserve to indulge.

    I don't know if I'll regret letting go of some of the bags, but I know for sure the money can really be put to some good use.
  8. how many bags are you planning to let go
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    Thank you, ladies! I'm jotting down the nos as suggested by each one of you!

    Thank you for your input, Coffee or Tea! And yes, I still love to visit Chanel boutique to see the goodies!

    Hi Midsummer, no, I don't have to baby this bag as the aged calf is really easy to maintain. Even though it's gold, the colour I feel is 'embedded' and there's no discolouration so far.

    Thanks, bluekit! I agree that both reissues with RHW serves the same purpose but the black has such dark hardware and looks like black on black... Sigh

    #1 is my go to bag for holidays, it's under the radar and very functional. It's starting to show some wear so I'm considering substituting it with something else.
  10. 5, lilyrose0156. I'm not yet a saint, lol!
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    1) Reissue medium camera bag aged calf GHW*- keep as it is a functional bag (i have a classic camera bag)
    2) Medallion caviar GHW - keep as it is your only tote
    3) Kelly caviar SHW - keep
    4) M/L lambskin GHW*- keep as it is a classic
    5) Pearly beige caviar GHW*- keep for sure!
    6) Reissue burgundy caviar GHW 225 - let go as you have many reissues
    7) M/L gold lace over goatskin GHW*- let go as too formal, and you have #5 for formal occasions
    8) Reissue black aged calf RHW 226 - let go of this or 10
    9) Reissue grey aged calf RHW 226 - keep as per tutu advise
    10) Reissue black aged calf GHW 226 - let go of this or 8
    11) JM aged calf RHW medium - let go of this or 13
    12) M/LHybrid reissue caviar RHW bijoux chain*- keep this or 6 for a red
    13) JM aged calf GHW small*- let go of this or 11
    14) Reissue gold GHW 225 - let go as it is too formal
    ------- already five bags --------
    15) Camellia lambskin evening bag*
    16) East West blush pink caviar SHW
  12. If you really need to let go of 5 bags, I would sell:

    16, 13, 11, 8 and 1

    You have multiple black bags, so its easy to release a few of those, and I thought #16 was close in colour and size to #14, and out of the two, I would rather keep #14.
  13. I would say 15, 16,11, 10 and 14.
  14. I would get rid of no.13,11,7,6,15
  15. What a beautiful collection! Sad to see 5 of them have to go. Here are my pick: 16, 13, 11, 1, 6 or 7. Hope they find lovely new home :smile: