Please help me!! Dont know what to get...

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking to buy a chanel bag and I'm very excited! I decided it was time to move on from Louis Vuitton. I dont want to spend over $2000. I'm stuck in a small town with the closest chanel boutique about a 3 hours drive away... so any help would be appreciated!
    I want something that I could use everyday (well not EVERY day, but for everyday use...). Preferably black or brown :smile:
    I dont think I want anything that is patent leather because it might be a little too flashy for my purposes! I also want a medium to large size bag.
    Any suggestions??? Thanks!
  2. do you like a shoulder bag or an arm/hand bag?
    Tote or not?

    There's a few to choose from really, just want to know what you really prefer style wise.
  3. how about the GST or the PST ? or how about the cabos?
  4. maybe try browsing the Chanel Reference Library? There's tons of pics that'll likely help you make a choice?
    I personally quite like the cerf. And you really can't go wrong with a re-issue in 226 or 227 for a nice size and still-classic-looking Chanel! JMO...
  5. flap is perfect for NOT for everyday use. :biggrin:
  6. i was thing pst or gst also. Maybe the timeless tote. good luck!
  7. Thanks everyone! I will definitely have to check those out! Of all those names I only recognized the flap bag, the gst and the cabas .. haha. I will have to look them up. I am new to purse forum so yeah...still getting used to everything.
  8. I recommend the cabas but have a look at the ref library and then ask about any styles that appeal to you. Then you can get some opinions from those of us who have that bag. That always helps me alot! :smile: Good luck!! Such fun to decide!
  9. Swanky: Sorry I forgot to reply I am more into shoulder bags. I love totes but would be happy with a non-tote (??) Haha. Thanks again!
  10. pst for a smaller tote or gst for a larger tote or a cabas. all in your price range. beautiful bags and comes in black. not sure about brown. =)
  11. I think the GST is perfect as an everyday bag and it is in your price range, and perfect for night and day . Good luck.
  12. Wow I am loving the GST!! Can I ask how much it is for one? And what type of leather is on it? I tried to ask one lady a few months ago (my first chanel boutique visit every) what the difference was between lambskin and calfskin was and she was really snobby and didn't tell me.
    Also I like the coco cabas in black leather...
    And on the website for the fall precollection 07 I saw the shiny calfskin shopping bag which i also am enjoying!!
    Are the last two in my budget range? Which do you guys thikn would be the most functional?
    By the way, I am loving this forum, everyone is so nice and knows so much its crazy!
  13. PS. the difference between lambskin and calfskin QUALITY wise... hehe.