Please help me....diamond tennis necklace

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  1. Hey everyone.
    Looking for my next purchase and it happens to be a diamond tennis necklace. I'm a bit stuck in what to go for, size, weight, colour etc...
    So any pics would be great. I want it to make a statement.
    Please help xxx
  2. I have 8 tcw tennis necklace. You can wear alone or layer. Good size!
    Tennis neclace.jpg
  3. That is stunning! Very nice indeed. I think I'd like one a bit bigger maybe. It's a hard choice lol
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  4. My advice when it comes to diamonds; go as big as your budget allows without having to compromise on cut, colour or clarity! Have fun making your choice!
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  5. I did think about doing it that way to be honest! I'm looking at around £15000 at the moment for my budget x
  6. Perfect, then let’s do it that way. Given that you are looking to buy a tennis necklace, I assume this is not your first diamond purchase and already have knowledge regarding diamonds, what is the lowest color, clarity and cut that you are willing to have on your necklace? Colorless, near colorless, flawless, very slightly included.... and then you can plug the values into any diamond website to give you an idea of the price/carat.

    If you want the necklace to be a graduated type, bigger at bottom and smaller at top, the just do an average size for each diamond.

    In Canada/USA blue nike is a popular site that can give you an idea regarding price. But if you are looking for a name brand price, then it will cost significantly more given that you pay a premium for the brand.

    Have fun!!!
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